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Lee & Ko IP in cooperation with Lee & Ko Intellectual Property Group provides the best services in IP litigation. Its vast experiences in IP litigation before the Patent Court as well as civil and criminal courts, in combination with the technology and legal expertise of Lee & Ko IP professionals, play a significant factor for our client to entrust us.

An IP dispute, once arises, usually results in concurrent litigations before the Intellectual Property Tribunal, and the civil court. Sometimes, it involves criminal cases and/or other administrative cases such as one that involves unfair competition and anti-trust issues. Lee & Ko IP considers every possibilities in these intertwined litigations and trials, and provides the best advice not only from the legal perspective but also from the business perspective.

Former judges specialized in IP laws at Supreme Court, Patent Court, or Seoul High Court, and former patent examiners of Lee & Ko are competent to provide the services that specifically meet the client's needs.

Lee & Ko IP also offers services in international IP dispute settings. For instance, we have successfully handled numerous multinational cases including Samsung v. Apple smartphone war.

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